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Peter Hickman Spiced Apple Gin 70cl

Peter Hickman Spiced Apple Gin 70cl

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PETER HICKMAN SPICED APPLE GIN is the result of Hicky wanting a Spiced Gin to compliment his image: smooth.

It’s a bit wild but always right to hit the spot. ‘It’s mint’. The spice of the Apple is great for both cold evenings or summer afternoons. This gem must be enjoyed with plain tonic and ice.

Hicky Certified Gin uses 12 botanicals, to create a smooth, crisp gin with unique character. Always distilled in small batches to maintain quality and taste that will delight the tastebuds.

Serving suggestion: 50ml Gin, 150ml tonic and ice.

Ingredients: London Dry Distilled Single Shot Gin, Natural Flavours.

We believe it’s all about the GIN, not the tonic.

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