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Woodbourne Deli

Ludlow Jam 3 Jar Mini Gift Set

Ludlow Jam 3 Jar Mini Gift Set

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This is the perfect stocking filler for a jam lover!

This cute mini pack includes 3 of our most popular jams: Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Strawberry Jam.


LFS Raspberry Jam 120g Raspberries,Granulated Sugar. (48%),Lemon Juice(Lemons,) (2%),),LFS Blackcurrant Jam 120g(Golden Granulated Sugar. (44%),Blackcurrants (29%),Water (25%),),LFS Strawberry Jam 120g(Strawberries (46%),Granulated Sugar. (46%),Redcurrants (4%),Lemon Juice(Lemons,) (2%),)

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